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Time flies when you smell good.

Twenty-one years have passed us by since Calvin Klein first released their most popular fragrance, CK One. Because we all love Calvin Klein, the designer is launching a CK2 fragrance that is being dubbed "gender free". Calvin Klein Executive Vice President said, "CK2 is a new gender-free fragrance that celebrates the endless possibilities of modern connections between two people." In other words, this fragrance is unisex and is set to be released February of next year. If you're a fan of woodsy scents with a splash of mandarin, sandalwood and wasabi than you will absolutely love this fragrance.
According to the Calvin Marketing Officer, the goal was to reach the younger generation with this fragrance: "reach a younger consumer base through modern, authentic storytelling." I mean who wouldn't love a scent they can easily share with their significant other? You can both smell conveniently amazing. There's no telling if this fragrance will knock CK One off the charts, but I'm pretty sure it will come rather close because we all know, Calvin Klein can do no wrong. February is right around the corner, but if you can't find yourself waiting for this amazing release, you can purchase yourself a bottle on sale just in time for the holiday's via World Duty Free. Keep scrolling to see the video advertisement [seen below].

Will you be giving this fragrance a chance?

I'm sure you will. @JordanHamilton. :)
Extremely awesome!!!! I hope I can say the same when I'm your age 馃槉 @marshalledgar
Oh, I don't hate being almost 40. I'm GRATEFUL that I don't look it. People guess late 20s-early 30s. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you're a good age! don't feel old, haha and wow, I worked at the gap back in the day as well.
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