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Hold the phone.... How hard does this cinnamon roll look once you cover half his face?? (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) I adore this squishy swag hamster♥


Jay....boy, don't you play with me....Elo better be coming back soon.
can you recommend some good songs from Elo? I don't know where to start.. I agree Loco looks so different when you can't see his squishy cheeks!
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@KellyOConnor I know Lol.....I'm betting underneath he was smiling the entire time (๑^ں^๑) Elo did Parachute with Gray.... https://youtu.be/Sp8kOtMEPGY GOOD STUFF. He also did Heather Denim T-shirts with Crush.... https://youtu.be/INAtfzazs2I ♥ And of course Your Love featuring The Quiett https://youtu.be/aeMfkNaJF2Y His voice ♥ And he also did Blur with Loco https://youtu.be/7PRpTVPI74A I really dig his ethereal type sound. It just kinda sweeps you away and the man's voice is so hauntingly beautiful. Yeah....I'm a big fan of Elo.
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@PassTheSuga lol probably! Thanks those were great! Love Parachute just after one listen!!
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