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So people are starting to do this, and I decided to try it out!!! according to my friends I'm super Asian, but we'll see what you think.
1.I draw. I really like doing patterns, they just look pretty.
2.I also dance. I'm not as good as Minzy (yet) but people say that I'm pretty good at dancing. (I also look up to Minzy.... and Kai. I also Ship them. KAIMINZY!!!)
3. I also sing. I love singing and music in general, it's a BIG part of my life.
4. I'm Filipino!!! and can also speak 2 languages (although people think I'm Japanese or Korean -_-) Im also 13
5. I watch Anime. Also I read Manga and Manhwa, but also like to read fantasy books and subtitles.
6. I'm a VIP before an ARMY. Before an EXO-L. BigBang are the KINGS.
6. .... Im also a 2NE1 fan (BLACKJACKS!!) bonus: I also ship some 2NEXO couples.... eh ehe ehe.... guilty pleasures.
7. I'm the youngest in my family. I am the 5th child.... most of my siblings are in their twenties (28, 27, 22)
8. I cropped out my own emojis from weird pictures k find of kpop boys (im REALLY weird -_-)
9. I love taking pictures of stuff. took then with my phone btw
10. My family thinks I'm tall (im 5'2), when I'm really not that tall.... hmmmm. also I'm in 7th grade
YAY! I did it..... I challenge others to do it too!
ahhh your taller than me and im three years older, but hi nice to meet you
@kpopandkimchi I will start watching the Secret Message. sooner or later
nice to meet ya girl!
Nice to meet you!! What K-Dramas are you into?!
love the car ears. and nice drawings ur very talented ^^
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