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OMG, last day for the Nani November Thanksgiving Challenge! What have I enjoyed most about this last two weeks, @VinMcCarthy? Well, let me tell you guys a thing....
I logged into Vingle for the first time maybe 3 days before this challenge started. I'd never met another Otaku before, and actually logged on for the "Learning Japanese" cards. Little did I know I would find such fun, wonderful, inventive, and welcoming people here! This challenge gave me the catalyst I needed to get myself out there in this community and its been one great thing after another.
Firstly, this challenge made me really evaluate the things I love about Anime, and why I love them. That introspection and self-awareness has made me fall even more deeply in love with aspects of anime and manga. It was gratifying when I saw someone post a card identical to one I was thinking of posting, and then, because I'm stubborn, I'd go back to the drawing board and come up with a new twist or idea so that I wouldn't just copy someone else. This landed me with new friends whose ideas ran parallel to my own, and with a deeper knowledge of whatever aspect of anime/manga @VinMcCarthy had us looking at that day. I relished the challenges, as they let me examine and then elaborate on my feelings and ideas for parts of anime, while all of you wonderful fellow Otaku's gave me feedback, your own opinions, and moments of genuine enjoyment in what I'd just written. That was a huge gift!
This challenge also let me explore other peoples ideas about anime and manga. I loved seeing what everyone else's thoughts were and how people approached the challenges. I found it really cool when people would post something I totally would never have thought of, or didn't even know existed! I was introduced to so many new anime and manga I am just itching to watch/read.
Perhaps one of the most gratifying things I will take away from this challenge is the knowledge that there are so many others out there who think and feel as I do about anime/manga! I have made many new friends through this challenge, ones who know, appreciate, and share my love for this medium and the principles and values it exemplifies. That is really something, my Nakama!
One last shout out to @VinMcCarthy, who made this all possible, and to everyone here:
I had the same reason for getting on vingle! And also the same timing as you!
So cool, @TiffanyWallace ! And thank you, @IsaiahWaterford I'm glad you feel that way!
they're called invisible friends for a reason
I love it so much and every time I read it my friends like no get it back to the library and I like you as a good part and she's like what part and I'm like there kissing and then and she's like oh yeah that part and I'm like yeah and she's like I'm sorry but the bell just rang for school and then I'm forced to give it back
I meant to say Agreed
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