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There are certain things every woman should own in her lifetime and a little black dress happens to be one of them. A black dress can take you far, whether you're going on a date to the interview of a lifetime -- if you own a LBD you're set. The holiday's are here and when it comes to those family dinners and celebrations finding the perfect outfit can be rather intimidating. When you have a LBD [or several] in your possession than your worries are neither here nor there.
Before you lose your mind trying to find something to impress and give you that sophisticated, classy look you're going for -- go for the little black dress. It's simple with flare and as a woman, it's the perfect necessity for pretty much any occasion. Keep scrolling to see the perfect LBD's to take you through the holiday and thereafter.

Do you own a little black dress?

If not, I suggest you invest in one and soon.