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How Are They Only 18?!

I chose these 3 as they were all BORN IN 1997!!!!

This means that they'll all be considered 19 in Korean age as of January 1st, which means they're finally "adults" in the eyes of Korea. WHAT. WHAAAATTTT.
There are a lot of other idols that are born in 1997 as well, but these three really stuck out as the ones that I was /genuinely/ surprised to find out were so much younger than me (I'm born in 1991, and I thought they were older than me). Something about them just seems....older.

See for yourself:

Seventeen's Mingyu

iKon's Junhoe

BTS's Jungkook


Born in 1997. Mingyu especially really, really looks older to me, but maybe I'm just imagining things. Oh well!! I'm still their fan, even if they're younger ^-^
((I know some of you are probably their age or younger, but I was genuinely surprised they're so much younger than I thought!!))
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@Jiyongixoxo Actually, people don't age in korea on their birthdays! They still celebrate but everybody adds 1 year to their age on the first of the year rather than on their birthday, so you're legally "the same age" all year round hahaha it's kind of weird to understand XD But that's why "same age friends" all celebrate together when they turn into "adults" the first of the year together I think! Still though I'll just go by western age for these guys for my own sanity in knowing how old they really are XD
Oh okay never knew that ! But that makes sense lol and yeah I'll just keep telling my self that he's already 20