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I saw this on @qwalker1996 card about their comeback being like neverland I also found some things about this theory on tumblr but I believe this goes way back before they were even formned.. I think Big Hit planned them from the beginning..


Lets take a look at Jin he's supposed to represent Peter Pan.. He's the glue that hold the Lost Boys(BTS) together.. "Despite his cockiness, he always comes through. He is naive & stubborn & always up for fun and games. He knows the danger & cares for his friends. He's a good guy who cares for justice and a happy end"


Other than Peter Pan, Nibs is supposed to be the oldest of The Lost boys "He is supposed to be slim with blonde hair (which is why Suga is blonde more than half the time) Peter Pan's 2nd in command. Responsible, Sensible and Mature when it comes to making decisions. Can be Brash and over Confident...Can also be a lil slow"


"The tallest with pale skin. Considers The Lost Boys and Peter his family. He is very important to them (since he's the leader)


Tanned complexion with caramel brown hair and slim figure. From age he is right in the middle (Hobies actual position) Sense of humor and loves having fun


on tumblr I read ppl say the Suga and Kookie were the twins but comparing their description on the Peter Pan site V and Jimin fit it more "Also known as the Tall Twin and The Short Twin. Tall Twin (V) has a darker complexion with dark hair.. Short Twin (Jimin) is light skin with red straight hair and a broader build"


"The youngest.. Can be sensitive when judged or n I t noticed by the others.. knows his place in a fight and although young is pretty strong. Mature abd independent. Equal to the older boys"

Im starting to believe this is some sort of illuminati type of shhheat.. I'm not complaining cause I love them and all but tell me it doesn't make you think a lil

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@BriannaEugene me every time I see a new theory
@Beccachu I saw it but this is such a near theory
after all these theories and brain hurts
I feel so much better about this bc their albums are a lot about youth and living the moment. So it makes more sense that it's peter pan