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I got called a weab and I wasn't happy

Okay so I was at school with my friend Ian, prancing around, all happy and shit. So you know, talking about the new anime I had watched over thanksgiving break.
But then he called me a weaboo! Like for some people it's not bad, but for me being a weaboo is bad, like pretending to be Japanese come on people. So here I was, rethinking my entire existence, and then I decided like no who the fuck do you think you're talking to. Know your superiors.
So yeah I got really mad... So we had a mini argument, with him calling me a weaboo and an otaku(the creepy kind) and me saying that IM NOT IN DENIAL YOU BAKA!!! URRGGGHHH BAKA YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND JUST URRGGGHHH BAAAKKAA IM NOT A CREEPY OTAKU MAN. And shit like that.
So yeah I was mad so I stuck my foot out and tripped him a little and it was satisfying. He didn't fall which means I didn't have to feel guilty. It was great. And then he tripped again on the stairs for like no reason!!! It was great!!
So I started laughing so hard that I literally had to stop walking before I fell down the stairs too. Like I was feeling dizzy and happy and that must be what it feels like to be on drugs, minus the fucked up hallucinations. It was like half evil half drugged up cracking up. It was fun though.
So that's it. Here's a picture of some cupcakes I made for a school competition on Halloween. I didn't win...
Some people were asking who won the cupcake competition, which I'm really happy about because it means they aren't arguing over the otaku/weaboo thingy. The person who won was this girl in my class. Soooooo jealous.
Well, being called a weeaboo isn't entirely bad. After all, it's just a label. Don't let labels define who you are. You're just interested in the Japanese culture, and there's nothing wrong with that. But your friend needs to understand the definition of a weeaboo before assuming and calling you one. Weeaboos isn't only pretending to be Japanese, but they literally obsess over anime, disrespect the Japanese culture, thinks Japan and its culture is superior over everything, and speaks poor Japanese.
not a weaboo but says baka
Here's a heads up, if you ever call yourself an "Otaku" in front or to a japanese person they are going to stay very far away from you, as an otaku (acording to the japanese) is a person dangerously obsessed with something. Hint the word DANGEROUSLY. Yeah, continue with how your an "Otaku", broken japanese isn't helping the western sterotype for people who watch anime.
I love being called a weaboo
I'm a weaboo^^
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