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Kagura is my second favorite character in all of Fairy Tail and I think she deserves some more recognition!
Nice tip, maybe now that I know about it I might pass ya. haha ^_^
@nberry1620 I don't like Attack on Titan much either. I finished but don't like it as much. And you don't know! If you click on the community and go to members you can see a score and your ranking in that community
wow... just checked it out, didn't realize the were even rankings much less that I was that high already. hahaha
Good to know, I'd have hated to start it and then lose interest and miss out. Like Attack on Titan for example, so many people told me to watch it and I've tried twice... get about half way through episode 1 and can't continue. I'll try a third time at some point but I'm giving it awhile.
I've seen clips here and there, but haven't actually started watching it. But with so many people on here that are in love with it and I keep seeing and hearing more about it, I really should watch it. Not to mention considering we seem to enjoy the same anime, so a recommendation from you I guess you could call the final sign of me really needing to check it out. haha
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