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I'm sure a lot of people remember Zinedine Zidane's headbutt during the 2006 Germany World Cup.

And although the French football legend won the Golden Ball during his last World Cup appearance, he had to end his career with a red card and a loss in the final match of the World Cup.
Luca Zidane, Zidane's second son, is currently a goalkeeper for the Real Madrid U-19 team.
And he might have had some tips and lessons from his father about soccer in general...but I think his father forgot to mention something about headbutting in soccer.
Luca Zidane was sent off the field with a red card during a game against Atletico Madrid. The reason?

During an altercation between several players, young Luca Zidane clashed his head with an opponent.

That's how Zidane probably reacted when he heard what his son did. Shame on you Luca!

What do you guys think about young Luca's decision to headbutt an opposing player?
@jeff4122 Haha this kid's going to be a legend....he said he didn't want to be overshadowed by his father's greatness....but as I've said, "like father, like son"
@shannonl5 Especially when your father made the same exact mistake!
Hahah this is hilarious ! Can't believe he followed in Zinedine's footsteps!
Parenting 101. Lmao.
Oh no! Not cool man, no matter how the game's going there's no excuse for this kind of behavior
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