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To my Gamer Community..
Okay, I was suppose to be in bed at least an hour ago. But it seems I got myself in hot water over a meme I did not create. I would like male and female gamers to weigh in on this. I found a meme which is posted below and I thought it was awesome.. Love.. Yup anyways, I was warned by females because they do not like to be identified as "girl" gamers. Personal I am a gamer I am a female gamer I am a girl gamer, the crap does not bother me one bit. The only things that gets on my nerves is the usually stuff like lag and some male gamers who do not know how to interact when a female gamer is introduced. So these female games totally put me on like some union line. "I'm not a girl gamer or female gamer I'm a gamer" I'm just like Omg relax it's a meme be happy and go to bed. I'm going to tag non games too to hear what they have to say as well
Simply meme not created by me personally and I believe the creator was not trying to start anything at all... Really @VinMcCarthy @paulisaghost @shannonl5 @nobankai @MoisEsGaray @MichaelOgg @SamTheMallow @BeannachtOraibh @butterflyblu @danidee And the rest of the gamers male and female (omg) of Vingle
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@LAVONYORK I'll just stick to using people's name and gamer tags xD
2 years agoReply
@MichaelOgg fine by me!
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um I know Im late buy I'm a gamergirl
2 years agoReply
@ajalcantara78 Keep on rocking the gamergirl vibe and may your new year be great xD
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@MichaelOgg thank u and happy new years
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