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Korean 101: Sadness with Hamtaro
We're learning a lot of happy words, but there comes a time when you'll need to talk about sadness.

Here are a few starter words featuring Hamtaro:

To be Sad:

슬프다 (슬퍼요)

(seul-peu-da (seul-peo-yo))

To be Worried:


This means to worry a lot over something. To have a lot on your mind.

To be Lonely:

외롭다 (외로워요)

(wae-rop-da (wae-ro-weo-yo))

To be Disappointed:



To be Envious:

부럽다 (부러워요)

(boo-reop-da (boo-reo-weo-yo))

Don't Give Up!

포기하지 말아요!!!!!!

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