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It's me in my profile picture, do I really look like an idol?
I've gotten quite a few messages from people since I joined Vingle asking which idol is in my profile picture. It's me every time I change it. I'm quite flattered actually, but I need an honest opinion, am I really up to pay with an idol? It's hard for me to believe that I don't just look like a regular kpop fangirl. Here's my previous profile pictures as well as my current one.
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whether you r a boy or girl you look like 기광 of the BEAST. 😆😎
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I love your style!
2 years ago·Reply
you look like an idol! 😭 I'm so jealous, hella pretty!!!
2 years ago·Reply
you're gorgeous!
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Ermergerd I love your hair in all of those and my god you are so pretty!!!!! In my mind you may even top some idols and celebs and everything. wow. ☺
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