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I haven't asked this question yet, but I think there's been enough stages in each outfit and also people may have finally seen the different album versions, so I want to know....


These special clips give you a glimpse of both versions -- the photo shoot behind the scenes shots happening here are for the Freedom version, but the dancing is for Control!


This look is the one that has the blue lighting in the teaser pics. They're wearing more casual clothes (not suits) and their chokers have the snowflake like symbol on them. They haven't actually performed in the Freedom outfits yet!

The Album Itself: Freedom vs. Control

You may not know this, but the album itself is totally different for freedom and control! The outside looks different, the photobooks have photos only in that versions outfits, the photocards are different too! On top of that, the Control version comes with a "Contract" while the Freedom version comes with a "User Guide" on how to best....interact....with your "love slave." Lol.


The Control look is the suits....THE SUITS. They come in all different colors, and there's quite a few different chokers they use for this look as well.

Control Stages!

There's a lot more of these than there are of Freedom, as they've pretty much only used the suits for stages. I just put two videos of their main two outfits - the white suits & the black ones!

So....which is your favorite?

Leave a comment and let me know ^-^
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UHHHH....I would like to give a real answer but this question is impossibe hahaha
I'm just a HUGE fan of the black suits...SO GOOD
Control. brb need to go buy the physical copy of control for that contract. that'll come in handy the next time I see them. 'No sir this paper says you belong to me now.' lol!
oh god, I nearly cried when I saw the contract was for Leo 馃槀馃槏 time to go get the controlled album to see whose mine
@EmilyPeacock YESSS :D @KellyOConnor the kind of hilarious thing about it is that they actually wrote a 'this has no legal standing' clause on the bottom, as if someone would really try to do that LOL