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Well, hi people I'm new to this fabulous app and don't really know anyone here so I will just introduce myself I guess (sorry for hurting your eyes with my face)
My name is Gabrielle Blanc and I'm half French but sometimes people say I look Asian when I smile or in general (I don't know really)
I am into so many fandoms.....I need help 馃槀馃槀 but anyway I went to Kcon NY last summer as my early 16th birthday present and almost lost my soul fangirling internally (I'm the type to try and not show my fangirling unless I really can't and have to go die, which is exactly what happened with VIXX, BAP and BTS comebacks 馃槀馃槀)
I go to an arts school for vocal and kind of want to try out for some company's since I want to be a performer as a career, mainly singing and dance (I know it's a very stupid career choice but I feel useless at everything else)
I hope you welcome me with open arms and get to know you guys better!
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@clstap1 heeeeeeeeeeey and lol no I'm not
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@GDsGF hello and you're pretty not me
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