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heellloooo. I need some kpop friends/fam. I go to a small school and I'm the only kpopper it's sad.
Hi. yea. here's some facts bout me: ¤my main bias is Chen from EXO ¤ I also really love BTS ¤GD is like.....perfect. ¤GOT7 is life... ¤ I'm an awkward turtle yay ¤I'm the only kpopper in my school *cri* ¤I'm still a little new to kpop ¤I need a kpop friend ¤I play guitar:D
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Yes they need to stop. Ima sue 😂 @clstap1
2 years ago·Reply
@clstap1 idk this is a thing the turtle thing but I love it. 😂
2 years ago·Reply
me too 😂 @nnatalieg
2 years ago·Reply
were all awkward turtles lets be friends ! 🤗🤗😂☺️
2 years ago·Reply
yay we can all be awkward turtle buddies
2 years ago·Reply