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So I am watching ultimate spiderman season 3 episode 3. doctor octopus is imprisoned once again after he made venom to heighten alien strength and ability to take over the world with Loki at his side. They had an army and the avengers demolished new York city all over the place mainly in midtown trying to defeat the enemy. The army and Loki were thrown in a desert plain in another universe as imprisonment and Doc Oct is placed in , given one of the highest level of security there is, in the helicarrier of all places. My question is if we today enforce death penalty why hasn't S.H.E.I.L.D. enforced this, don't they have judgement system? It's not central to U.S. since we all know they do world wide missions seen mostly for U.S. , so I'm guessing United Nations works with them or they work under them, I'm not sure (anyone?) but nearly every government enforces it and always has at one point so I would say they would OK the death of a highly dangerous criminal. Does anyone have any insight on this too?

I believe that it is because it would become a manga type plot where it has a near finish and a a bit irrelevant to an everyday life, hence Marvel and DC. (does that make sense?)

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But people do die during firefights and stuff... I wonder how much paperwork they have to file for that XD
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I think that superheroes do not kill the villains because they are ultimately attempting to prove that they are better in the aspect that they would not take a life, and give the villain another chance to hopefully change. @shannon15
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@KarleyFrance that's definitely true of a lot of heroes. But not Punisher or Jessica Jones- then again they're more on the antihero spectrum. And people in Shield definitely kill people. I know the tv show kind of gives them the 'icers' which means people get knocked out but they also had that whole arc where there were two factions and they basically ended up killing each other. Not even bad guys, other shield agents
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Yeah exactly they do kill i mean look at agent may , professional killer. the only difference is official calling of death and not on the field killing not initially being the target @shannonl5
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@dkmon ooh yeah. She definitely regretted it but that's something she always gets lauded for in the series
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