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So I am watching ultimate spiderman season 3 episode 3. doctor octopus is imprisoned once again after he made venom to heighten alien strength and ability to take over the world with Loki at his side. They had an army and the avengers demolished new York city all over the place mainly in midtown trying to defeat the enemy. The army and Loki were thrown in a desert plain in another universe as imprisonment and Doc Oct is placed in , given one of the highest level of security there is, in the helicarrier of all places. My question is if we today enforce death penalty why hasn't S.H.E.I.L.D. enforced this, don't they have judgement system? It's not central to U.S. since we all know they do world wide missions seen mostly for U.S. , so I'm guessing United Nations works with them or they work under them, I'm not sure (anyone?) but nearly every government enforces it and always has at one point so I would say they would OK the death of a highly dangerous criminal. Does anyone have any insight on this too?

I believe that it is because it would become a manga type plot where it has a near finish and a a bit irrelevant to an everyday life, hence Marvel and DC. (does that make sense?)

@Bakuman247 very true. And since Shield is international they probably can't sentence people to death esp. since that's not legal everywhere. Even the U.S. isn't standard, some states still do it but a lot no longer do. So maybe they're just the people you call in when there's a problem and they hand over whoever they can to whatever local legal system applies?
The death penalty is part of the us legal system but an agency can't implement without answering to them the sane way a bounty hunter cant kill without facing murder charges if legal. The super hero death penalty is basically the negative zone lol
Shield as it stands now is its own entity in the mcu and in the cartoons fall under an espionage, law enforcement, counter terrorism organization. With that being said they are like super police that work with heroes so they follow the hero code which has universally Been detain and restrain vs capture and erase. Over all it was a top secret international organization/covert agency with quasi military tactics that worked with the us government but is not part of it originally, then later it became penned into comics as part of the united nations, but overall it has been consistently penned as working under the us government. So when you look at it that way the death penalty is not something thats up to their discretion. @dkmon
@DonovanMoore that's a good point! That's definitely something that happened in Civil War in the comics, villains used the superhero registration act to hunt down the heroes that had stopped them before because they were allowed to be enforcers... which was not ideal but it's the first example that came to mind XD
I'm not sure what you mean by a manga type plot but I think this is an interesting question! I feel like AoS have definitely killed people- they try not to but certainly in the current season one of their missions is to kill Grant Ward, and in the comics they definitely have. Plus in Cap 2 they built project insight- even though Hydra had infiltrated that was still Shield's creation. @DonovanMoore @DarthRevan @KarleyFrance @JustinMims21 @Bakuman247 what do you all think?
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