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So I saw a VHope fanfic from @ThePinkPrincess and just thought I could crossover with another Bts ship. Sooo...yeah.
Jungkook: "Thank you and goodnight!" I yelled and waved. A girl in the crowd yelled out that V was a "gay alien" and I saw his face drop. As soon as we got back to the green room, he slumped in a chair. I was about to go over and comfort him but Jimin put his hand on my shoulder and nodded towards J-Hope who was already on his was with a camera. I smiled at my hyung who always knew how to cheer us up. I turned to Jimin and his face was looking at me intensely. "Are you okay hyung?" I asked. Jimin blinked a few times. "Yeah, I'm fine." He mumbled. I shrugged and sat down with my earbuds and phone. The next time I looked up, everyone was gone except for Jimin. Jimin: Everyone began to leave and I noticed that Jungkook was to into his game and music to notice. I realized that this would give us the perfect moment. When he looked up, I pretended to be looking at something on my phone. "We should get going hyung" Jungkook said suddenly and got up. "Yeah, I'll drive home." I offered. We quickly packed up and got into the car. On our way out of the parking garage, I broke the silence. "Kookie there's something you should know." We turned out of the entrance, "Jungkook I really L-" "WATCH OUT" I turned my attention to the road where someone was crossing. They were quickly pulled out of the way and we barely missed them. I looked into my rear view mirror and saw J-Hope laying on top of V. They both smiled in an affectionate way which made me smile. "Looks like VHope is going to happen." I smirked. "Wow, I never thought that would happen." Jungkook sighed. I looked at him, his soft face, almond eyes, dark brown hair, and I knew I couldn't hold it in any longer. "We could make Jikook happen." I suggested. He looked at me and smiled. Jungkook: I smiled at Jimin, my love and friend. "Then let's make it happen." I told him. I forced his leg onto the brake in the empty street and kissed him. His lips were soft and the kiss was amazing. I pulled away, leaving him dazed but smiling. "Jungkook will you be my saranghae?" Jimin asked. I kissed him once more. "Of course Jimin."
and than! they went into their room and made such hot and passionate sex the end lol I'm sorry
@jimin21abs lol thank you thank you lol
great ending @twistedPuppy 😂