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You guys don't know how Fast this Month got here
Many of you might not know this but I ship out for my Navy Boot camp Dec.14 and I won't be able to access vingle for 2 MONTHS and I only just Discovered this wonder Kpop paradise and I have to leave soo soon.
OH MY GOD I CAN'T EVEN TAKE THE THOUGHT OF BEING SEPARATED from all my kpop friends I made on here... say ain't soo but it is soo TT_TT
I already know this will be me on my spare time thinking of all the cards I am missing
I am really going to miss all of you while I am away. Shout out to my fave @luna1171 who feeds my GOT7 Addiction. Shout out to @kpopandkimchi who is always there with the dramas and shout out to my first friend and follower @Gianlica
Thank you everyone for being so awesome lol I will be back 4 sure
@Gianlica 😢😢😢 THANK YOU I miss you more
@sarahdarwish thank you soo much
@stacyneroland good luck in Boot Camp!!! We'll be here with open arms when you get back!!
@stacyneroland i hope you good luck with bootcamp, and to have a safe return!!!! we will all tag you in every card we make so that when you come back you will not miss a thing!!!
Good luck! :)
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