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A Letter A Day: ㄴ/N!

Today's letter is N!

It looks like this: ㄴ

Say it a few times and trace it with your finger:
ㄴ ㄴ ㄴ!! N N N!!

Check out an easy way to remember it here:

It looks like a NOSE right?!

Slide to the right to see it transform!

Down and right, down and right!
NNNNNNNNNNNN! ㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴ




Things that start with ㄴ:

Nam Woohyun (남우현)

Noraebang (singing room) (노래방)

and do you remember the letter we learned last time?

(see the last card HERE)


Well, ㅂ and ㄴ can be found in this word together:

BACON! (베이컨)

(Can you find them both?!)

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