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Interesting... I know i had to take my pain medication but yes.... Off Is not the word. And who would buy this? Honestly it would be the ulimate gag gift that is it!
Batman : It's my mug Spider-Man : no its my mug! It has my name on it Batman : Spider-Man it has my logo Spider-Man : you don't wear enough blue! L A Von York
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@Danse If I have to go around suing people for stealing my patented phrase, I'll split the royalties.
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omg the gif at the bottom! @Danse if you find Batman x Spiderman yaoi I will be both impressed and intrigued 0_0
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I must find more bloopers 馃槀馃槀馃槀 this is totally funny 馃槀
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@LAVONYORK lol yes this is perf
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