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Eunhyuk twitter update
고마우이!!!! 가운데 있는애 멋있다 빠리지앵 같앙 RT @ShinsFriends: 은혁쓰! 생신축하드리오~~~^^ ㅎ Thank youuu!!!! The one in the middle looks like a cool Parisien RT @ShinsFriends Eunhyuk-ssi! Happy Birthday~~~^^ (5 hours ago) World ELF!!!! 그리고 생일 축하해주신 모든 분들 감사드리구요~ 저는 이제 촬영하러 한국을 떠납니다ㅜㅜ 잘 갔다올께요!!!!!!! World ELF!!!! Thank you for the celebration and those who wished me happy birthday~ I am leaving Korea for shooting now ㅜㅜ I'll go back well!!!!!!! (4 hours ago)