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Today's letter is H!

It looks like this: ㅎ

Say it a few times and trace it with your finger:
ㅎㅎㅎ! H H H!

Check out an easy way to remember it here:

It looks like a HAT, right?!

Slide to the right to see it transform!




Things that start with ㅎ:

Hakyeon (학연)

Harry Potter (해리 포터)

Do you remember the letters we've already studied?

ㅂ & ㄱ?

Well, you can find these three letters in this word:

Happily (행복하게)

Can you find all the letters you know?

(ㅎ, ㅂ, ㄱ)
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하동 - Hadong (county in Seoul) 화이팅 - hwaiting (fighting!) 힘찬 - Himchan 현재 - present
@kpopandkimchi can you help me share this??? Or someone?? we need to get 6,000 likes!!! also we currently have a fanproject in which we can send it to BTS!! We army should be United for this! for more information click on the link thank you!!
한복 traditional korean clothes
How do we say it or pronounce it? Do we just pronounce it like in english?
id like to be tagged in this!! ^-^