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Today is Day 4 on the Monsta x Challenge and I will be talking about my favorite performance.

Day 4 x Favorite Performance

OK let's be honest! I really like Hero performance but my favorite have been in from No.Mercy. For those that don't know what No.Mercy is it's basically the show that got Starship (company) trainees to compete for a spot to form a new group which is now called Monsta X. Well yeah, I would have to say the dance performances from the 2 different groups were my favorite. Watch the Videos & Find out what I'm talking about!!

#GUN ㅠ.ㅠ

Anyways!! To come to think they made up their own Choreography!! :O
Same Here!! I admire and are proud of all of them for being the way they are @AimeeH ! We shall support them til the end! 💪😊
@AnnahiZaragoza Yes they have!!! I'm really proud of them! Yes goodness they have.
I know they've grown so much!!! & Lost so much weight!! @AimeeH
I love this!! Wow!! These were some of my favorites as well!! They were so talented back then and they are even more talented now!
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