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@danidee hahaha! Thanks for appreciating my weirdness! <3
@ButterflyBlu Bahahahaha NEVER. You are wonderful. <3
@danidee ohhh isn't that the truth?! My brothers are definitely too familiar with that side of me. But they (and my best friend) are also the only ones who can and will just say, "Stace, you're being a bitch" when I'm in the wrong. Now if I'm right, they'll just say things like, "square your shoulders" while holding the bag.... which always makes me think of Rick & Morty. "Square your shoulders! Relax! Choke up!" I'm a dork.
@ButteflyBlu I feel like my sister sees my mean streak the most. POOR SIBLINGS.
@danidee yep. I totally understand. The only people who see me truly lose it on a regular basis are family and the closest of close friends. Otherwise, most people think I'm just the nicest, calmest person ever. They don't see me at home when I'm ranting and smacking up the punching bag. >.>
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