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I do a lot of battles and fights but this time im going with my top five Spider-Man baddies!!!! As always no specific order just running them off!
VENOM Now here is by far one of the best match ups Spidey has ever had to face countless times!!! Venom is a powerhouse, extremely intelligent yet insane, hilarious, and overall just enjoyable character. He has the madness of a villain yet the heart of a noble hero in Eddie Brock found years later! From baddy to anti-hero to symbiote to hell raiser Venom is one of the most entertaining Spidey foes in the entire Spidey universe
ELECTRO Electro makes his way into my top five because he is just a pure blast to watch and hilarious in his own right! However aside from this he goes from human to pure electricity in a matter of seconds and has entire cities as a power source! Then tact on the fact that he achieves damn near immortality as he progresses deeper and deeper into his psychosis and madness!!! Electro has delivered some of the best lines, fights, gore, and pure mayhem in the entire spiderman universe. I mean the man can turn you to ash with a good frequency and touch. Gotta respect it!
SHOCKER Shocker makes my list because although he is at best a C grade villain he has his good moments when it comes to the sinister six team ups he has been apart of and overall is just an iconic spiderman villain that has made the games, comics, and shows ten times more enjoyable when he bust in the scene talking trash or creating an epic boss battle! He is just a fun villain that has the potential to be so much more but not hitting that peak is what makes him fun and unique to me.
CARNAGE Kasady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said. Carnage is venom on crack bonded with the marvel universe equivalent of The Joker.....hmmmmmmm joker and carnage symbiote bonded Epiccc!!!!! Ok breathe kid 馃槫. Ok Carnage is by far the most vile and dangerous organism in the spidey universe. I mean prior to the symbiote Cletus Kasady was the only human baddy serial killer that alluded spidey painting the damn city red with his blood lust! Now add on grizzly humor with said serial killing madness a laugh that rivals the jokers and then a symbiote and you get the savage carnage. His name alone just let's you know what he's all about. He may just be more feral than wolverine...shit maybe hahaha.
KINGPIN Last goes to Kingpin a villain with no superpowers other than wealth, formidability, brute strength, and the means to get any job done that need be done with any resources necessary before lifting his own fingers. In the 1990's animated series to the comics spanning decades prior and after Kingpin has proven to be an overall problem in the marvel universes ganglands. From orchestrating the original sinister six, to being a wasp in Daredevil's ass, Kingpin has been kicking ass and taking names all over the marvel comic universe with just the flick of his wrist and and manipulation. He isn't the biggest or the baddest villain on the roaster but by god he is one of if not the most powerful and influential in the spideyverse.
Welp we have reached the end but seeing how this is Spidey sound off below with who you think would be worthy of joining my five as a sinister six!!!
@buddyesd the only good thing is now they have enough money to keep pumping out movies xD just sucks that Disney gets a day it what goes on now XP
@Bakuman247 great list!!! This are some tough and badass opponents for spider-man :)
@buddyesd yea if I recall it was because marvel easnt doing well and they did it to boost sales
@buddyesd i wouldn't doubt it, they love to spoil stuff
@shannonl5 heck yeah they did xD sold out to Disney though XP oh well as long as they don't screw with much
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