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Attention, all members of the Vingle League of Extraordinary Archer Fans,

First off, shout-out to our new members: @TylerDurso @JacobWilson @jayky009 - Welcome to the Extraordinary League, gentlemen.

Secondly, last weekend, I asked you to join me in creating an official fan club drinking game, and I'll tell you what - you people have really done me proud.

Okay, not THAT proud, but... you know, still think we came up with a pretty great list.

Look at it. Love it. Play the game next time you watch an episode of 'Archer'. Just, you know, try not to spill that Jack and Coke - that is, after all, how you get ants.

As for today's news, apparently H. Jon Benjamin (the actor who voices Sterling Archer himself) just released a jazz LP entitled 'I Can't Play Piano, Pt. 1'.

How deep is your Archer fandom? Did you know he was even a jazz artist? Are you going to hunt it down this weekend, or would you rather not ruin the joy and mystery of all things Sterling with jazz and a not-so-promising album title?
Let's discuss in the comments below!
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@shannonl5 Lmao I feel like this is turning into an event that ensures none of us will drink alone.
@danidee lol you're a good friend
@ALEXCAMACHO this is the game btw
@ALEXCAMACHO you watch Archer too?!