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This boy has a thing for the V app
I missed some good screen shots cause I was typing.
I think the V app is an amazing thing for him cause he can talk to the fans alot and have it in real time.
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I can't wait for the subtitles to know what he was saying! It was so nice to see him laughing and smiling 馃槉
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@SamanthaRae19 yes it warms my heart to see him happy even if he looks a little tired. It looked like he was ready for bed but decided to upload to talk to us
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wahhh ~suga n his hair I still can't get over tat haha
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Him and Jin for sure. I kept getting excited for the live broadcasting all weekend and not that Jin isn't adorable and fun to watch but I'd be like, "*whine* when will I see J-Hope or Suga or V or Rapmon?" He made 2 for everyone else's 1 it seemed like haha
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he really did I'm waiting on a Hobi one again myself
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