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late AF I'm sorry I got excited because the video came out because we forgot about timezones.
You know thinking about it my normal type that I'm attracted to, thanks Suga for breaking that, is rappers with strong jaws (My UB is TOP for crying out loud)
Look at it I could cut my finger running it across it.
if this is actually him (Google images said it was) them I dead just no stop this madness.
he was also the first one to catch my attention of the boys when they debuted. the mask helped but without the mask too.
I also can't handle his cuteness he would be the perfect boyfriend.
imagine all the kisses
I mean all the kisses but stay in your lane and stop shaking my heart you're creeping up my list
see even he thinks I'm funny for trying to resist him (this gif does things to me)
Here I thought I could recover from hell week and then boom! reopened heart wound!
@SugaOnTop I know, reality is what broke my heart not you lol
@MadAndrea sorry hun I was trying to go for more love feels rather than heart break feels
my ultimate bias wrecker
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