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Hey guys, as promised, here is some more info on the upcoming play! Here is the casting so far, with photos so you can get a feel for the visual:
Keisuke Ueda as Yukine
Kasumi Hasegawa as Hiyori Iki
Ayaka Ando as Bishamon
Takuma Wada as Kazuma
Minami Itohara as Kofuku
Yūki Tomotsune as Daikoku
And Hiroki Suzuki as Yato
The play will open at the AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo for from January 28 to January 31 with eight performances. Prepare yourselves!!
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*revives* the cast is perfect! ♡♡♡
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Takuma is SOOOO hot!!! *looks around guiltily* I mean yeah great talent!
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@AnimeGamer I will shamelessly agree *starts preparing the popcorn now*
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Yus! Popcorn and live action anime and hot Korean guys! Woot! @CosmicCassidy
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