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do girls pretend that they don't like sm1 even if they do???
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@ChriSingularis you can answer this too if u want even though it's not directed to u! 馃槣
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@alywoah well they wanted opinion from a girl/female perspective. I can't give that perspective. However, from a dog perspective they will like you and be all up on you. From a cat's perspective they could care less. From a rock, you're SOL
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My friend isnTHE BEST at pretending she doesn't like someone. Actually I think the kid likes her back but I'm like you are gonna confuse him if you keep acting like you aren't interested half the time haha
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Yes. Because it's inappropriate sometimes. For instance me. I've had a crush on a straight girl, my second cousin, and a guy too old for me. So I don't tell them...
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