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somehwere with nature, i heard the angkor wat is deep inside the mountain right? I like places like that. Also, do u know where this is?? http://www.vingle.net/posts/119456-Hidden-Bayon
Around 1890, It's true that Angkor in deep inside the forest. But now it's the one of the most popular tourism spot in Cambodia. Also the photo in the link is not Angkor, but another famous temple of Cambodia...
If you like nature Mondukiry and Rotanakiry province is the best place in Cambodia. Also, Siem Reap province full with natural and historical.. ^_^
is it far away from the capital? i mean is it difficult to go there from the main city? Do you know any english tour group lol
For Siem Reap, Angkor is not far, just 4 hours by bus. However, for the other 2 province it's take 12 to 16 hour by bus and road is not difficult. Also there many English tour group, even Korea, Japan are also many.