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So a lot of people seem to be struggling with this concept and so I'm making another card to help!
Ex: 공부 열심히해! it literally translates to- to study to do well, and when you put that together it means study well! Subject- to study Verb- to do well subject+verb= to study + to do well put it together we literally get 'To study well' Another example of Subject+Verb; 유나는 달린다. yunaneun dallinda. – Yuna runs. (Yuna- Subject, runs- Verb) 유나 – Yuna (a name)는 – Neun – (topic marker and points to Yuna, because we’re taking about her)달린다 – Dallinda – Run
I hope this helped! I'll be making more Korean Sentence Structure along with other cards if you want. ps- anyone watch BTS Run mv yet!? it gave me the feels
I did! I got so emotional and I have no idea what theory to follow...
나 넌 다린라 - Is it correct 제빌 !
I think I'll finish figuring out Chinese first.
Still haven't seen it
Even though it looks simple . I still confuse with the structure . Let me digest it further and post another comment later.