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Hey guys sup this is kalyan i wanted to know if you actually agree with this welll goku turned to super sayian 3 so do you think marvel superheros have a chance well in my opinion not really probably goku would win hands down. but what do you think let me know in the comments section below what you think. until then next time guy's see ya.
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@amedina0125 Although at the same time there are some heroes that will give him trouble by themselves nevermind with the rest of the Marvel Universe. Also the heroes in that pic aren't just Marvel. There's some DC in there too
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@MajahnNelson while this is true I'm fairly certain that fighting all these characters he'd be in the living world so assuming he's alive ssj3 will drain him very fast leaving him very vulnerable ave if he's in his afterlife form while theoretically he could sustain it much longer it would take away practically all the time he would have in the living world and to your point on the DC characters i didn't examine the picture i saw mainly marvel characters so i just went with the marvel universe
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@amedina0125 nah I wasn't really aiming the fact that there are DC characters in the picture at you exactly. I was just pointing it out in general. But yeah I'd assume that he'd be fighting them in the living world. In which case I don't see him coming out on top unless he has a few senzu beans handy. Because like you said he can't sustain SS3 for long and once he's gassed out he'll be pretty vulnerable to attack.
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goku would so win
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i wish goku was our god
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