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Creep out by this, oh omg, so interesting but just not right by my standards. Like Cos-Play with a kink of Plan parenthood, really. Am totally confused, as if. ;)
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It's me, when I was reborn as a Shinigami... *sigh* good times...
Lol actually if you look closely it's that girl's face that she took off of herself like a mask. She was crying and her black makeup is running down her eyes. She's holding her face in her hand, it's not supposed to be a baby.
wtf @ShinigamiSan you must be imagining this stuff up, lol.
@MichaelLopez The first one was a joke, but the face really does look like a mask. It took me a minute to see it, but the face in the picture is too small to be a head (you would see ears and it would be fatter) and is the perfect shape to fit on the girl's face.
its a hollow baby, yeah that's it. @ShinigamiSan