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Hey guys, how's your week so far? Hope you're all doing great! I've been very busy at work and it's 1am here but I'm still gonna do this coz I'm a bit late now with this playlist. :D Anyway, I'd like to thank @MattK95 & @jiggzy19 for tagging me on this playlist challenge :) :) :) Love you guys ;) I don't really have a playlist like this because I usually watch kdramas & kshows and you know I try to convince myself everyday that I need to sleep because if not I'd be all sleepy at work again haha. These are songs that I think I want to hear before sleeping. Hope you like it.
(Korean Traditional) Arirang - Sungha Jung
Davichi - Cry again
Nobody knows - Standing Egg
Lost stars - Jung kook oh gosh jung kook I can be your noona forever haha
Can I love you? - Because Kim Soo Hyun & IU
Because I miss you - Jung Yong Hwa
Love Rain - Jang Geun Suk
Perhaps Love - Howl & J
Kiss - G. Na
I think I love you - Byul
weee thanks guys you liked my playlist! :D daebak!
I LOVE THIS! The fact that the first song was Arirang makes me love this playlist 10000000% more!!!
It doesn't matter that it was a little late...I love this playlist, from start to finish all great songs ^-^ Thank you for participating :)
Awesome list! I love all the songs and I'm so happy you did this challenge! Thank you! Xo