HISTORY/HIS STORY (히스토리) is a 5-member boy group under LOEN (1theK) Entertainment consisting of Song Kyungil, Na Dokyun, Kim Sihyoung, Kim Jaeho, and Jang Yijeong. HISTORY is LOEN’s first male group. They debuted on April 26, 2013, with the song “Dreamer,” the title track of their single of the same name. Since then they have released Just Now, a mini album with the title track “Tell Me Love,” Blue Spring with “What Am I To You,” Desire with “Psycho,” and About History, a Japan Limited Album with title track “怒るなよ (Don’t Be Mad)” HISTORY’s Official fanclub name is STORIA. Now let's learn about the members!
Name is Song Kyung-il (송경일). Born November 28th, 1987. His positions are leader, rapper, and sub-vocals. Predebut, he was a model. Also was a part of Nuthang (pronounced ‘new-thang’), a group of close friends that includes Big Bang’s G-Dragon & TOP, along with Lee Hyuksoo (model), Yang Seungho (model), and other famous people including actors, models, law students, stylists, and more. He studied modern dance before joining HISTORY and trained for 3 years before debut. Members consider him the "father of the group" as well as himself. - Appeared in IU’s “Beautiful Dancer” MV predebut. SNS Twitter: @_songkyungil IG: @_ilstagram
Name is Na Dokyun (나도균). Born February 11, 1991. His position is main vocal and he's like the "mom of the group". Predebut, Dokyun sang Love Rain's OST "Because It’s You". Also, his former agency was A1People. Debuted in 2010 with a Korean rock band named BUZZ. Had the stage name Nayul and was the main vocalist of their group. He had his acting debut as one of the doctors in Medical Top Team. Can drink 8 bottles of soju and not get drunk. The best driver out of the group. Always wakes up first. SNS Twitter: @_nadokyun IG: @na_dokyun
Name is Kim Sihyoung (김시형). Born May 15, 1992. His positions are rapper & visual. Before debut, Sihyoung was and ulzzang and previously a model for showganzi. He was a cast member of Ulzzang Shidae 3 and chosen as “New Ulzzang” out of 4000 people. He was mistaken as SHINee Taemin’s older brother. Trained for 3 years before debut with HISTORY. Twitter: _kimsihyoung IG: shyungram
Name is Kim Jaeho (김재호). Born September 17, 1992. His positions are rapper & sub-vocal. He's a mystery when it comes to predebut. SNS IG: @jaehogram Twitter: 92JH92
Name is Jang Yijeong (장이정). Born September 10, 1993. Position is main vocal & rapper. He is the maknae of the group. Yijeong was previously on MBC’s audition program ‘Birth of a Great star 2’. He has composed a lot of songs for HISTORY. A few songs he has made are uploaded to soundcloud.com/history426 SNS Twitter: @_jangyijeong Instagram: @jangyijeongg
Debut MV
Latest MV
HISTORY will have their Japan 2nd Single Album Release on 12/23(Wed). The title track of the HISTORY 2nd Single Album is “LOST” which is composed and written by Yi-jeong! "Liar" which is sung by Yi-jeong, Si-hyoung, Jae-ho will be also included in the Single Album.
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Lol they are one of my favorite groups
Yes! History is the best! <3
It's kind of sad that they are greatly underrated :( oh well more for us fans :D
@luvexobts Its one of the first groups I tell new people to listen to ㅎㅎ
Haha that's good lol, raking in the fans ^^