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Tomoe's confession: "I'm in love with you"
Wow never expect this from Tomoe! He even told Nanami, "You're more beautiful than anything. Stay by my side." I hope the present Tomoe can say that to Nanami again!
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yup ~~
5 years ago·Reply
good to know hehe
5 years ago·Reply
TT Beautiful!!! I'll die! *-* can you please tell me in which volume is this chapter? ;3;
5 years ago·Reply
@daeksongG this is the latest chapter, it's not in any volume
5 years ago·Reply
@Yoyo190767 I think it's best if you read @pnhq 's summary cuz my jpn is not that good, i think i made some mistake in the translation >_<
5 years ago·Reply