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Because with the way this season is going, we could use something light-hearted.
1. If you're having a really bad day, Agent May will watch Charlie's Angels with you.
2. She will absolutely not do the pose though.
3. When Fitz is having trouble figuring out a problem he plays with Legos.
4. Skye still keeps in touch with her hacker buddies. They brunch.
5. Even though there's good beer on the bus Coulson drinks Bud Light. (Ick).
6. Tripp is still alive somewhere shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
7. There's a well kept secret on the bus: Mack listens to One Direction ALL DAY.
8. In her spare time, Bobbi teaches self-defense to young women at no cost.
9. Simmons is a secret Cubs fan.
10. There's a mandatory movie night. Nobody minds.

Dedicated to all the Agents out there!

@AlPorter haha this is so upsetting but you know I'd be right there watching it XD he's such a great character
oooo even better twist ...nice
@AlPorter oh no! I mean that would be a great twist but OH NO
hes in Tahiti lol
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