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If you haven't heard Adele's latest album "25", I urge you to do so.
Although it will remind you of that ex that did you wrong, you'll oddly miss them and every guy who will come into your life in the future for a full 45 minutes [the length of the album]. Each song will make you feel things you haven't felt in ages, it's beautifully sad. If you're not one to shed tears, listen to this album and that will no longer be the case.
Tissues should be in your possession before pressing play, but don't worry -- despite the tears you'll enjoy it. Adele has the ability to take you places you've been and places you've never been. Just call it a journey. If you're up for the ride and don't mind a couple tears, keep scrolling to see some of the most heartbreaking [yet beautiful] lyrics from Adele's album.

Track #6: Water Under The Bridge

"If you're gonna let me down, let me down gently / don't pretend that you don't want me"

Track #7: River Lea

"But my heart is a valley, it's so shallow and man made / I'm scared to death if I let you in that you'll see I'm just a fake"

Track #8: Love In The Dark

"It is the world to me / that you are in my life / But I want to live / And not just survive"

Track #9: Million Years Ago

"I miss the air, I miss my friends / I miss my mother; I miss it when / Life was a party to be thrown / But that was a million years ago"

Track #10: All I Ask

"No one knows me like you do / And since you're the only one that matters, tell me, who do I run to?"

Now go listen to the album

It's okay to cry.
The album is a mix of emotions. Adele never upsets, ever @Swhitta
It's a great album. While I agree there is sadness, I also came a way with a sense of confusion mixed with joy and hesitation. The feeling that despite the joy she is waiting and expecting all of it to be taken away or to be proven she was never worthy of it.
No she doesn't.
I'm guessing you might of shed a few tears, huh? Lol @omarabbas