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Ballet -

an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. Classical ballet, which originated in Renaissance Italy and established its present form during the 19th century, is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements and the use of pointe shoes. (Merriam Webster)
Now, definition aside;
Ballet requires practice, structure, and calm. It requires focus and work. All things are helpful in child development and growth. That's why so many parent in role their kids in dance classes right?

Now, remove structure from your environment.

Say you were born in the Gaza, an area known for destruction and change. You miss those pieces of development that allows you to grow as a child.

Now, bring a dance school into the community. A place where you can bring back consistency and order.

And that's exactly what Tamara, a Ukrainian that married to a Palestinian and living in Gaza, decided to do. Over 50 children are enrolled in her classes ages 5 to 8.
“She had been suffering since the 2012 war and her condition got worse after last year’s war,” said Manal Abu Muamar, a mother describing her daughters nightmares and a fear of going to sleep.
“After the first ballet class, she came home as happy as a bird. She did the moves she had learned and she was going around the house like a butterfly.”
In a world of sad news and change, I hope this provided a little light in your day.
@ButterflyBlu is smiling right now :)

Anyone else think this is the cutest dance class ever?

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@nicolejb yaaassss!! love it! I can't resist when the music surrounds me! I went Salsa dancing last night. It was my first time there but I caught on quickly. It was so fun!!
I LOVE partner dancing! haha I never really got good, but I went swing dancing a couple times and had SO much fun. I want to go salsa dancing and get a good partner :D @TerrecaRiley did you find someone who knew what they were doing?!
@nicolejb The girl who invited me is pro,so yea. She's my personal coach. I was at her house today. It's all we talked about
Awe that's so awesome @TerrecaRiley. I need a salsa teacher... @alywoah hook a girl up?
Haha girl you know I gotchu! Lol. Thanks for tagging me actually. I didn't see this card! This is beautiful