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It's time for us to get to know each other!

I've shared a few of these before but I haven't done one that included anime yet! Here's how it works: You leave the number to the corresponding question you'd like me to answer.
The catch? Once I answer it, you have to share your own answer! It's awesome, trust me.

Here are the questions:

1. First anime you loved?
2. First comic you loved?
3. Last anime you watched?
4. Last comic you read?
5. Do you prefer manga or American comics?
6. Goku vs. Superman, who wins?
7. Attack on Titan vs. Avengers, who wins?
8. Favorite comic book villain?
9. Favorite anime villain?
10. Do you have more comic book merch or more anime merch?
Feel free to copy/paste this into your own card as well! Help your fellow Vinglers get to know you!
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@MonitaPrice ooooh, I think Goku haha. Id' want Supes to win though. You?
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@LAVONYORK I think American artists are generally my preference (with some exceptions, Nausicaa was really stunning) but sometimes the stories in manga are more compelling to me
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