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Toy Story is a CLASSIC.
Pixar's film set the tone for a lot of the cartoon animation style we see today. While the film was ahead of it's time visually, the incredible storyline and acting by the cast really put the movie over the top. Last week was the 20th anniversary of the film, and every time I watch the film it feels like it came out yesterday. As a result, kids and adults across the globe are on the edge of the seat for a new Toy Story film.
Today, our prayers were answered as Tom Hanks shared news on the release of Toy Story 4!
Tom Hanks stopped by The Graham Norton Show and couldn’t help but drop a few hints and confirm that he has started recording dialogue for the film. According to Hanks, the entire recording process is much more strenuous than you might have guessed.
“My diaphragm gets a workout. By the time I’m leaving I’m driving home and they had to put an ice chest on my diaphragm just so I can go home because it’s clenched throughout.”
According to insiders, Toy Story 4 won’t directly follow the events of the previous film, instead taking the form of a romantic comedy. The film is set to release in 2018.
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Rom Com?! interesting...
omg...Toy story 4...Finding dory.... Still waiting for Incredibles Two. 👀👀👀
anything about tom hank movie..can't wait to see. incredible two..why took soo long😁
hell yeah!
@FunnyChizBones YESSSS I LOVED the incredibles. I want it to follow the kid characters!