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@magistermind I wasn't angry.... I was simply annoyed by his lack of reason and understanding. idk why it can't be left alone since it ended but people still talk about it. I tried to be nice but he kept pushing it is all and I got fed up.
@YuruahiNoYami ur an idiot first off don't comment on a pic if u can't tell what's in it. ...any FT fan knows it's Lucy NOT Wendy in the pic it's so sooooo easy to tell the 2 apart I mean blonde vs blue biggest hint there not to mention ur acting as an immature child with how out of proportion ur taking this grow a brain and look at what ur wiring to others ur making urself sound like a conceited idiot that had no idea what their talking about. this is fan art true to form it can b soft porn to some viewers but the way u argue about it u have clearly lost the point of this.
@AloraGrimm it's over there's no point in making things worse
@AloraGrimm dude it's actually been a week since anyone commented at all, chill