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90's babies across the globe are LOVING resurgence of the show "Hey Arnold" on television. Anyone who grew up during the "Snick" era watched and loved this show. It wasn't pushed as hard as Rugrats or Doug, but make no mistake about it, "Hey Arnold" was a gem.
After watching a bunch of classic episodes on TV, YouTuber @berleezy uploaded a clip from his fantastic rant about Hey Arnold to Twitter a few days ago. The results were hilarious.
In this clip, Berleezy shows how much fun it is to look at one of a generation’s greatest cartoons through adult eyes.
I never even noticed the "demon dog" that runs out of Arnold's apartment in the opening credits. I hope we see more clips like this from Berleezy soon.
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@Straightshooter @JordanTerrell and do you remember that replica of Arnold she made out of his used gum??? It was in her closet with candles around it; it looked like a Buddha
2 years ago·Reply
After reading these comments I feel like @Straightshooter @JordanTerrell @Kamiamon should make there own video like this and just complain about Helga. let me know when that happens? cool. LOL
2 years ago·Reply
hey got so mad lol that was great
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb @Straightshooter @Kamiamon I have a radio show. I'm willing to let you call into the show and we can have a conversation about Helga and her psycho tendencies plus her abusive relationship with Brainy, the guy with the glass and heavy breathing. Although, I probably would have punched him too if he crept up on me breathing that hard.
2 years ago·Reply
I don't have the knowledge enough to help @JordanTerrell , but you HAVE to record it and share afterwards. @Straightshooter @Kamiamon You all should do it!!
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