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KRS-One has never been one to hold his tongue on political issues that impacted the community.
So it comes as no surprise that a recent appearance on CNN would yield some evocative moments, which speak to the core of racism and state-sponsored violence.
During the interview, KRS ONE spoke at length about a few of the candidates, from either side of the aisle. “When we say, look, Donald Trump was a friend to hip hop back in the day, so was Bill Clinton,” he points out. “It doesn’t mean that because he was a friend to hip hop back in the day, that the same Bill Clinton wasn’t at the lead of this mass incarceration of African Americans today.”
In regards to the current candidates, said “They’re going to say anything to us to get us to vote for them.”
From the eyes of KRS-ONE, we have a lot of work to do.
I know Right, @EmmanuelNwaiwu ..Trump Is Trump Out Wrong. I love you KRS 1😙
Listening is a weakness and strength as well. The coin has to be tendered tho' and she's a weakness and a source of strength too. But the tongue is but one one whole chunk filled with taste organs. Annnnd it's got just one coarse side. So!!! If he's right, he might as well be right-on-wrong for some reasons; like everyone else too. but Ama fuck (take sides with him) because they don't make them like these (ol' Gs)no more. Capichè?