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So I got up earlier than I expected and got a wonderful surprise. actually I was on and off sleeping and just decided I couldn't sleep anymore, so I turned on my phone and what did I see? I WAS NOTIFIED THAT EXO WAS ON V APP. It had started 2 minutes before and I thought "oh god.... I hope I'm not late. So I clicked on it and what did I see?
BAM!! in my face was this beautiful one, and I started flipping out (chanyeol is my ultimate bias) I was like OH MA GAHD!!!! IS THIS HAPPENING? CHANYEOL GAHHHHHHH! OMG PUT THOSE SHOULDERS AWAY
And then you can hear someone else in the room and chanyeol proceeds to reveal who's with him
SeHUUUUNNN and he freaking stares into the camera so intensely like sehun pls. I'm already being killed by my bias, do I need to double die(if that makes any sense) and then sehun keeps saying things to make Chan laugh and for the moment Chanhun is real xD
Chanyeol then says goodnight to everyone, talks more, says goodnight, talks more, and says goodnight some more, so adorable but their in hong kong right now and it was like 3:30 in the morning there so I was a bit conflicted. This was me: NOOOOO don't leave me. wait but you have to perform at MAMA please rest; chanyeol: jalja~ me:NOOOOOO....ok..but noooooo
I saw all the screenshots and was swooooooning omg
Ok so apparently I was about an hour late. thank goodness I caught the ending lol
YESSS lol I was so happy