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Hello and what's up guys it's time to continue our search for your Big Bang Soul Mate (If your and wanna hop in on the fun just click here to start).. Today is the time to reveal the anonymous question that you answered on yesterdays card... the question was

"Would you go on a date"

. . . You guys answered this question yesterday with a "Yes" or "No"
Now it's time to reveal with you either accepted as your dates or rejected as your soul mate....
If you have G-Dragon already out: Yes- Taeyang and Seungri No- T.O.P and Daesung If you have T.O.P already out: Yes- Daesung and Taeyang No- Seungri and G-Dragon If you have Taeyang already out: Yes- G-Dragon and T.O.P No- Daesung and Seungri If you have Daesung already out: Yes- Seungri and T.O.P No- G-Dragon and Taeyang If you have Seungri already out: Yes- G-Dragon and Daesung No- T.O.P and Taeyang . . .


-*BBM- Big Bang Member* they will be labeled BBM1 or BBM2 so you can tell the difference -You can pick which member you want to say what -Let me know what members you have left after this

Scenario For My Homies Who Picked "Yes"

. . Your at work and receive a text from an unfamiliar number. You normally wouldn't but something told you to answer it. You look around for your boss before going to opening it. "Y/N let's meet tonight okay. I want to show you something i'll pick you up around 6. Okay?". You respond agreeing to meet them when BBM1 arrives at you desk. "Y/N" he says. "Hey BBM1" you reply "What's up".He sits down beside you and his expression turn serious "Y/N...can you...I'm mean would it be okay if we hung out tonight." You chuckle. "Hey it's not funny" he says. "No it's just funny because you already know the answer to that, of course it's yes" you smile thinking of the text that he had sent you. He laughs and tightly hugs "remember it's-" You cut him off "at six right". You both laugh and he walks off and you go to continue your work. *Later that day* Work ends shorts and BBM1 returns back to your desk. "Y/N i was thinking about it and i can't wait any longer let's just go now" He says. You nod in agreement and you get up and leave with him. As your both walking and stop upon feeling uneasy. He turns to face you and looks extremely concerned "What's wrong" he asks. "Nothing it's never told me where we were going". He chuckles before responding "Well i wanted it to be a surprise but do you see that over there" He points and you look off into the distance to see a large Ferris Wheel peeking out above the trees. You scream in excitement and hug him tightly. He laughs to himself and you both continue on your walk. As your walking you still cant seem to shake an uneasy feeling this feeling continues to taunt you as the sky grows dark and you play with BBM1 at the fair. "Hey Y/N are you ready" he questions you snapping you out of your trance. "Ready?" you question. "Here don't be scarred" he grabs your hand and you both make your way to the ferris wheel. "If it makes you feel better i'll even let you sit by me" he teases before you both sit down into the chair. Your phone begins to vibrate but you decide to ignore it. "Y/N" BBM1 says "I-". He cut off by the sound of fireworks. You both begin to watch the fireworks before you realize they're spelling something. "I Love You, Y/N". You are now frozen and look at BBM1 who also seems to be speechless you confused. Isn't this message from him? "Y/N i- i didn't know you had a boyfriend. I'm really sorry but ..Let's Not Fall In Love." Once the ride stops you both get off and BBM1 excuses himself to leave. Your left confused and go to grab you phone to call for a ride home. You open your phone and it's filled with messages. "Y/N im here" "Y/N are you home" "Where are you?" "You didnt forget our date did you lol" "Y/N?" "..." *3 missed phone calls* Your phone vibrate one last time and you receive a message "I think i understand now Y/N....your right in this life time, some things are meant to be and we just aren't one of them. I'm really sorry Jagiya....Im mean Y/N. Let's Not Fall In Love" .

Scenario For My Peeps Who Picked "No"

. . . Your at your home when you hear a knock on the door. Your alarmed by the sudden noise because you hadn't been aware that anyone would be coming over. You open the door and see no one there. But there's a card left at the doorstep you go to pick it up and you realize that there is another one off in the grass but this on had been crumbled. You grabbed them both before returning back inside your home. You sit down beside you coffee table and open the crumbled letter first. The words a sort of hard to read from all the smudge lettering and eraser marks, but you try to make it out the best you could. "Y/N....i really shouldn't be doing this but I.....Well I've talked this over with BBM1 and he says that i shouldn't do this but i couldn't help my feelings i have something i want to tell you but i can't really find the words. Please meet with me tonight i'll be here you pick you up at six.....but that's only if you want to of course. If you have plans - im mean that's okay too i understand " You look at your phone and see that it is six now, you hurry to grab your coat when you hear. Screams and the sound off glass breaking. You peak through you window and see BBM1 on top of BBM2. "I thought i told you not to do this you brought this on yourself" BBM screams before landing another blow on the other BBM's face. "I told you it wasnt going to work out, are you crazy...i tried to be nice to you but it seems my honesty and my kindness work on you-" "BBM1" you scream before running over. They both freeze and turn to look at you. "What the hell is going on, how could you be like this". "Y/N...I-" BBM1 says before you cut him off. "What the f*ck are you doing to BBM2 i thought you guys were friends what the hell happened". BBM2 gets off the ground and wipes his the blood covering his face "If you liked her too you should've just told me!".BBM2 burst into fury and lands another blow on to BBM1's face. "BBM2 stop it!! Stop all of it!!" you scream. "Stop all of what?" he questions. "Leave BBM2 alone, leave me alone, and leave my house.....why are you even here!!" BBM1 freezes and then scoffs. "Why am i here...*laughs* why am i here...actually- i would like to know the same thing." There a moment of silence before you notice him walking toward you. He comes up to you and grabs you by the wrist pulling you away from BBM2. Your shaking from both anger, fear, and the cold. Once you both stop walking you notice his expression change. "Y/N....please just hear me out....I...I really like you and couldn't bare to see you with anyone else so I-" He's cut off by you " You beat up your FRIEND and leave him in the snow by himself!". "No Y/N..." You cut him off again "No don't speak to me!! You disgust me do me a favor and let's not fall in love". You run to grab the first aid kit return back to BBM2. "BBM2 are you okay?". He laughs "Yea im okay. Besides BBM1 looks like he was alot more hurt than i could ever be" You give him a small smile. "Y/N" he says before sitting up. "Y/N let's not do this" Your confused "Let's not do what?" you question. "This whole thing it's wrong, BBM2 looked really hurt. I really like you and all but i cant do his to him. Y/N lets not be like this....Let's not fall in love"
Is your bias still in the game??

If not don't give up you might be able to change his mind!!

Dont forget to tell me who you have left in the comments!! . . See you guys soon with another update on this game bye :P . . [Follow the "Let's Not Fall In Love" collection to get all the updates on this game :)]
I must've missed the first card... I can't remember.... I'm gonna recheck
@KellyOConnor @Ercurrent @GDsGF Dont give up just yet you might be able to win them back!! ♡♡
Taeyang,Seungri, an GD are out for me.😑I am not amused I have 1 bias left😩😩😢
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