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I never thought I'd be typing this, but here we go. Fall Out Boy and Boyz II Men joined forces to create a pop-punk / New Jack Swing super group. It is more fantastic than you can even imagine.
Everyone knows how surprisingly soulful Patrick Stump's voice is. With high-flying vocal runs and incredible range, he is right at home with the smooth crooning of pop music's most soulful group.
Boyz II Men haven't been around for a little while, but looked fresh as hell with their matching baseball warm-up jackets. Fall Out Boy matched them too, and my God was it glorious. Patrick should honestly just join and be the 4th member. Seriously, he looks right at home, and sounds it too.
The performance was part of Jimmy Kimmel's "Mash Up Monday" which ended with this epic partnership.
Watch their fantastic rendition of the Boyz II Men classic "Mowtownphilly." It's really a treat.
What'd you think of the performance Fall Out Boy Fans?
This is the greatest collaboration ever.
I know right! It's so good!