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A girl carrying a Barret 50. is a special girl Lol. Anyway for all you guys or girls who like my stuff thank you very much it means alot to me, we an anime family, and I hope you all have a good day. ( Anygirl who likes anime is special because most girl don't)
Not all girls like anime.... but most people who do are girls lol
oh, and uh..... Thats Kirito. a guy. from Sword Art Online.... just saying
@JacobWilson that's not Kirito Kirito used the plasma sword and fn five seven in SAO2 (GGO)
There is a guy in my Hometown who has a black and white version of this on both sides of his White SUV. It's pretty sweet.
I'm not like most girls... THANK GOD! Anime Lover 4 life!